Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to Julie, with Creations With Heart - Our Featured Artisan!

by Julie

Locations you can be found:

What inspired you to create the business you own?

I needed a way to slow down and relax so I went back to beading. It was my family who mentioned selling it and my website was born!

How long have you been designing jewelry? Do you design any components of the jewelry you make?

I started making jewelry a little over 20 years ago, but really go into it using quality pieces and have been selling it online for almost 5 years now. I do design some of my own components. I'm making bails, forms for earrings, ear wires, unique head pins and I'm working on more!

Do you feel an emotional connection with the designs you create?

I do because I feel there's a little piece of me in each of my creations. I take pride and such care in everything I make. I want each design to be as perfect as I can get it for you!

What types of materials do you use to create your designs?

I use gemstones, Swarovski Crystals, Czech glass, lampwork beads, sterling, pewter and leather, just to name a few.

Do you feel that each of your creations expresses a certain part of you?

Yes! You can see my passion and love for animals in my paw print designs, my support for our service men and women in my military designs, my devotion to God in my inspirational pieces and my creativity in everything else! I hope that people can see that.

Have you ever won awards or been published in a magazine or book, or asked to join any type of organization overseeing information distributed to the public?

I have been featured in several artisans blogs which I'm ecstatic about! Thank you, everyone!!

What is one thing you can't grasp onto about having an online business?

I have a hard time promoting myself! Isn't that silly? It's such an important part in getting yourself seen and I still don't do it well! That's one thing I really need to work on.

Would you design jewelry again if you had a choice? If Not, why?

I sure would! I've always enjoyed jewelry and will continue to. It's a part of who I am.

What advice would you give to other women who are afraid to take that step toward making their dream happen?

Do not compare yourself to anyone else! Your creations are unique to who you are. That makes you and your craft special. Go for it! Take your time, don't be in a rush to learn everything - it will happen. Enjoy the journey!

How would you advise them to stay on track so they maintain and healthy outlook?

Come up with a routine or a list and stick with it. Remember that it's only a guide and "stuff" happens during the day that will send you off track. That's OK. Just get back on the horse and follow your routine. No worries! When you get frustrated always keep in mind why you're doing what you're doing and know your priorities. My customers are important to me. I want them to be happy and feel important - because they are. But, nothing is more important to me than my family and that includes my big, fluffy dogs! My business is more than just a hobby to me, but knowing that family comes first puts things into perspective...for me. Excuse me, but my doggy needs me right now! =] OK. We're back!

What other types of businesses or Hobbies are you involved in?

I try to do what I can to help our animal friends. From donating monetarily to giving blankets and such to the local animal emergency hospital. I've also loved graphic design from the time I took it in high school. Boy, have things changed! I love making logos, banners, avatars, promotional pieces and all the goodies like that! Who knows, maybe I'll open up another shop!

What do you advise about keeping it balanced?

It can be quite challenging to keep it all in balances, but if you know your priorities, things have a better chance for falling into place. It may not go as you planned, but then again, what does?! Stay flexible. Stay happy. From my experiences to you~ =]

Here are some great pictures of Julie's

This is a fabulous lampwork focal bead!

And here are the earrings!

Great leather bracelet with
Sterling and Turquoise additions.

Here is a sterling silver bracelet with
a heart charm and paw prints!
This is so great - I love my puppies too!

And here are some pawprint earrings!

A lovely leather bracelet with Sterling Silver Cross!

I love this carnelian bracelet!

And some equally as lovely carnelian earrings!

I love amethyst so it goes without saying
I am a huge fan of this necklace!

Love the originality of these earrings!

And last, but not least if a great necklace
combination of turqouise, silver and hemp.

Thanks, once again to Julie, for letting me
post her beautiful jewelry.  Hope everyone
enjoyed this display as much as I did
posting it.  Be sure to check out Julie's
various designs to see everything she has to offer.


  1. Sharon, thank you so much for featuring me on your wonderful blog!! I do appreciate it more than you know!! I love it!
    ~Julie =]

  2. Glad I was able to come over to your blog your items are so inspiring Love them all. Your follower from LinkedIn..♥ Rachel
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