Friday, October 9, 2009

This is another of my favorite designs.  I found some wonderful
 wavy oval onyx beads on line and kept bidding on them (they were being sold 4 at a time) until I got enough to make two necklaces.  I have to admit unless I just cannot get enough to make two necklaces, I usually have one for myself and one to sell!  Afterall, these are like my babies, I have given birth to them in my imagination and to actually have to sell them sometimes is painful!  But, I added some Russian onyx chips and some Bali sterling spacer beads and made the turquoise square cross my focal bead.  A lot of my designs express my spirituality, so as we add to this blog you will see more crosses
made out of different elements.    Once again, I have used a few
sterling silver beads at the end and this time a sterling silver toggle
to be the clasp.  As on most of my designs you will see the small
sterling silver "fleur de lis" which is my patented trademark.
Hope you like this addition to my line.
Till next time, happy beading.

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